Informaciones sobre la colecta de datos personales

Information on the collection and use of personal data on our website

Your personal data

All your collected information is and will be confidential. They will never be used for any purpose other than our activity related to our site. They will never be communicated or resold to anyone, including potential future partners.

We respect and ask our employees to respect the provisions of the law of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, the provisions of Articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code, the decree of 30 October 2015 relating to the mediation of consumer disputes, Article 16 of European Regulation 2913/92 of the Council of 12 October 1992, Article L. 218-2 of the Consumer Code, Article L.123-22 and Article L.110-4 of the Commercial Code, Article L.102 B of the Book of Tax Procedures and the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), which entered into force on 25 May 2018), based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

You therefore have the right to retract and delete your data on request via our contact form, except within the framework of the provisions of the law, mentioned above and without this being exhaustive, and more specifically with regard to your order invoices.

We collect data to ensure the proper functioning of our site and thus ensure the best possible user experiences.

We use your data to fulfill your orders for our products, to be informed of product issues, to advise you on pre-sales and to provide AV service and assistance in the event of a dispute.

We use your data to improve our product sheets, your search queries and clicks in search engines for our SEO processes.

You provide some of this data when you register on our site, when you send a search query to search engines, such as Google or Bing for example, and you arrive on our site, or when you contact our company by direct mail or through our contact form or through your customer account.

We obtain some by recording how you interact with our site, for example by using technologies such as cookies and by receiving error reports or usage data from our site.

We also collect data received from third parties, but who may provide us with your visits to our site through your IP address allocated by your Internet service provider. This research is done as part of the resolution of technical and safety problems to define the origins of suspected causes and help us solve them, thus improving our services.

These data are anonymized, and are in no way personal, and we have no way of reconciling this data with you, unless you already have a customer account with us and you are connecting from the same IP address.

Our outsourcing and server administration company, which has access to the data, complies with the terms of the legislation and is informed of its legal obligations towards you by us, among others. This company is PLANETHOSTER, 4416 Louis B. Mayer, Laval, Quebec H7P 0G1, Canada.

You have a choice of the data we collect. When you are asked to provide personal data, you may refuse. For example, you may or may not subscribe to our newsletter or to our third-party partners when you register on our site.

However, if you choose not to provide the data necessary to provide information or functionality, you may not be able to use the site or functionality in question.

The data we collect at the time of your registration is all explicitly readable on our registration form. For others and as part of our traffic monitoring, you are hereby informed.

Your data is used by us in advertising to better offer our products following your requests on search engines; once again, its answers are made in the context of a questioning on your part and are only relevant in the context of your written or verbal semantic research. They are not related to you, but to the expression of your research and are therefore completely anonymous.

Name and contact details

We collect your first and last name, email address, postal address, telephone number and other similar contact information.


We collect your account password in encrypted form, but cannot read or interpret it for your authentication and access to your account. If necessary, we can reset it to change it to meet your access needs or solve an order or service problem.

Demographic data

We collect data about you such as your age, gender, country and preferred language.

Payment data

We do not collect the data necessary to process your payment, either in your account or at the time of your payment, as long as you are directly connected to the payment solution you have chosen.

Device and usage data

We collect data about your device and how you and your device interact with our site, through the Google Analytics and Google Adwords service.

For example, we collect:

Data on the use of our site

We collect data on the features you use, the items you purchase and the web pages you visit. This data includes your search requests or voice and text commands that lead you, through your interaction with your search, to our site.

Device, connectivity and configuration data

We collect data about your device and the network you use to connect to our site. This includes operating system data, IP addresses, device type, regional and linguistic settings.

All this in an anonymous way.

Problem solving, after-sales service and mediation

When you contact us for help in resolving a problem, or as part of a commercial request, we collect and archive our exchanges for traceability purposes in order to better serve you and optimize our customer relationship.

Interests and favorites

We do not collect any data about your interests and favorites

Contacts and relationships

We do not collect any data about your contacts and relationships

Location data

We do not collect any temporary or permanent location data, except your billing address and any delivery addresses you may have provided to us spontaneously at the time of your order.

Written and visual content

We collect and archive our exchanges for traceability purposes in order to better serve you and optimize our customer relations.

Sound content

We do not collect or archive any sound data


We do not collect or archive any video data

Notices and comments

We collect and publish or moderate your opinions and comments in the context of legislation. Refusals are also archived as legislative control.

Data retention

Your data are stored according to the type of information for different periods of time and for different reasons.

These retention periods are a legal obligation in the field of commercial, tax and banking legislation.

Cookies are kept for a legal period of up to 13 months.

Your account and order invoice information is kept for 10 years for accounting and legal purposes from the end of the financial year.

Payment information is not collected on our site, but is stored at our bank and yours for a legal period of 5 years.

Information about cookies and similar technologies

Tracers (cookies and similar technologies) requiring consent cannot therefore be placed or read on the user's terminal until the person has given his or her consent.

Refusal to install a cookie may result in the inability to access certain services. We therefore invite you to accept this process by accepting their use.

We inform you that browsing our site may cause cookies to be installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone or any other machine used to view our site. We ask for your explicit consent.

A cookie is a small file, which does not allow the identification of the user, but which records information relating to the navigation of a computer on a site.

As a general rule, the text of a cookie is a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your computer.

The data thus obtained are intended to facilitate subsequent navigation on the site, and are also intended to allow various measures of attendance. The lifetime of cookies is set on our site to 30 days, asking you again for your consent if you do not visit during this period.

By accepting or declining the use of cookies on our site, this does not affect other sites. You can configure your browser in a general way, by going to your browser's preferences and settings.

We use cookies or similar technologies for various purposes:

Remember your Preferences and Settings

Settings that allow our site to work properly or maintain your preferences over time can be stored on your device. For example, we store preferences such as language, browser and media player settings, so that it is not necessary to reset them each time you return to the site.

Login and authentication

When you log in to our site using your account, we store a unique identification number and the time you logged in, in an encrypted cookie on your device. This cookie allows you to browse the pages of the site without having to establish a new connection to each page. You can also save your login information so you don't have to log in each time you return to the site.

Safety and security

We use cookies to detect fraud and misuse of our site and services.

Storage of the information you provide to a website

When you provide information or add products to your shopping cart when you shop on our site, we store the data in a cookie to remember the products and information you have added.

Social networks

We have no interaction with your social networks, except to know the type of network that may have directed you to our site, without knowing the page from which it came...

Comments on the report

We use cookies to allow you to provide feedback on our site.

Advertising focused on your interests

We do not advertise on our third party sites and we do not use cookies or similar technologies for remarketing advertising purposes, which offer you advertising for our products outside of browsing our own sites.


We use cookies to collect data on the use and performance of our site. For example, we use cookies to count the number of unique visitors to a web page or service and to develop other statistics about how our site works. This includes cookies from our site and third-party analysis providers.

Performance analysis

We do not use cookies to balance the load so that websites always remain operational.

Type of cookie

Some of the cookies we commonly use are listed below. This list is not exhaustive, but it is intended to illustrate the main reasons why we place cookies. If you visit one of our websites, the website may place some or all of the following cookies:

MUID, MC1 and MSFPC - Allows you to uniquely identify the web browsers visiting our site. These cookies are used for advertising, site analysis and other operational purposes.

CC- Contains a country code determined from your IP address.

PPAuth, MSPAuth, MSNRPSAuth, KievRPSAuth- Help to authenticate you when you log in with your Microsoft account.

NAP- Contains an encrypted version of your country, postal code, age, language from your customer account.

MR- Used to collect information for analysis purposes.

In addition to the cookies that we may place when you visit our websites, third parties may also place cookies when you visit our website. In some cases, this is due to the fact that we have engaged a third party to provide services on our behalf, such as site analyses. In other cases, this is due to the fact that our web pages offer content from third parties, such as videos. Since your browser connects to these third parties' web servers to retrieve this content, these third parties are able to set or read their own cookies on your device and may collect information about your online activities on websites or online services.

Use of web beacons and analysis services

The web pages of our site may contain electronic images known as web beacons (also known as web beacons or scripts) that we use to place cookies and count users who visit our site. We also include web beacons in our promotional emails or newsletters to determine if you open them and enjoy them.

In addition to placing web beacons on our site, we sometimes work with other companies to place our web beacons on their websites or in their ads. This helps us to compile statistics to determine how often a click on an advertisement on our site leads to a sale or other action on the advertiser's website.

Finally, our site contains web beacons or similar technologies from third-party analysis providers, which helps us to compile aggregate statistics on the effectiveness of promotional campaigns or other operations. These technologies allow analysis providers to place and read their own cookies or other identifiers on your device, through which they can collect information about your online activities in applications, websites or other products.

Again, these data are anonymized, and are in no way personal, and we have no way of reconciling this data with you.

You can refuse the collection or use of data by some of these analysis providers by clicking on the following links:

Google Analytics: (requires the installation of an additional module to the browser)


We remain at your disposal for any further information by contacting us at our contact form.

Thank you for your trust.